Michał Wroczyński

Samurai Labs
CEO & co-founder

Michal Wroczynski is the founder of Samurai Labs, a third-wave A.I. company that combined deep expertise on neural networks together with reasoning to develop the world’s most effective system to detect and prevent violence online.

Michal is a serial entrepreneur who has worked for 22 years in artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems. He is passionate about making the internet a safer place for children, women, and people of all creeds and colors, and he has spent the last decade dedicated to innovating the technology necessary for this breakthrough system

Previously, Michal founded Fido Intelligence, a leading A.I. lab that pioneered technology to detect pedophiles and violence on the internet. Michal earlier founded Medical Web Design, a first-of-its-kind search engine for medical information.

Michal is a medical doctor who earned an MD at the Medical University of Gdansk, Poland. He has also worked as an advisor to startups, NGOs, and government agencies on everything from entrepreneurship and machine learning/A.I. to combating hate speech and cyberbullying.

For Polish speakers, please see Michal’s TED Talk on the issue of anxiety and the real secret to being a successful entrepreneur: http://bit.ly/2G7RkER

A resident of Gdynia, Poland and San Francisco, California, when he’s not working you can often catch Michal sailing on the Baltic or the Bay.